Free mama is a platform that provides you any help that you might need as a mother and a woman. Our aim is for you to feel free and productive, energetic and happy. As founders and keepers of the Free Mama-idea, we are aware that we need a solid and well-trained team in order to provide the services that form the core of our business. Above all, you need to understand one thing: You are a mother and as such you need some time for yourself, you need to be able to look around and grasp what is happening around you. You don’t have to be a full-time housewife if that is not the thing you were born for. Even if it were, you still need some time to relax. But how can you trust us? How can you leave your home in the hands of unknown people and just go to do some sports, to meet friends, to develop your talents, which you have turned your back to, to take care of your looks? is help provided by mothers to mothers. We are very picky when it comes to selecting our employees. House maids, cooks, personal couriers, hourly services or long-term help – each and every one of our employees goes through a very detailed process of selection, in which we are directly involved. But that’s not everything! In the process of employee selection we are supported by experienced human resources specialists as well as by psychologists and many more. The reason for this complex selection process is that we, as mothers, know how important it is for you to feel safe and calm for your child and your home. Have a look at the services offered and chose the ones that will help you feel free. If you do not find the right thing, do not hesitate to contact We are there for you!